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Words Are Silver
Spoilers for "Predacons Rising"
She heard the lumbering sound of heavy footsteps behind her, and it was only very recently she had been able to identify the specific footfalls by sound alone.
The steps ceased. "Hey," a voice called.
"Hey." There was a moment of silence before she turned her head to look at him. "Is something wrong?"
"Nope," he shrugged. "Just wondering where you disappeared to." Another silence passed. Finally, he nodded next to where she stood on the ledge. "Mind some company?"
Arcee looked to the spot indicated and cursed inwardly. She wanted to be alone, but what she said was "No, not really," and he sat down next to her. After a moment, she sat down too, letting her legs fall over the edge. She said nothing, and neither did he.
She began to regret her decision as the silence stretched on. She tried her best to ignore the Wrecker's looks as she kept her gaze on the Well below. More than once, he opened his mouth as if to say something, but the silence contin
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The Chosen One
"You can only save one."
His eyes darted between the two feeds. One the first screen, a human woman struggling against the electro-chains she was bound and hanging by. On the second, a Togruta girl lay unconscious, her skin a horrifically pale shade of orange. On both screens, the surrounding explosives were laid obvious.
"When you breach the prison of one, it will send a signal that will ignite the explosives in the other. Attempt to call for help and both chambers will be blown up. Your transmissions are being monitored. The choice is yours, Skywalker. Your Padawan, or your lover."
The initial voice-feed ended, but the images remained. Everything stopped. His breath, his heart, his thought-process, his connection to the Force. Everything became a darkness surrounding Anakin, pressing onto him, suffocating him. He was lost, falling over the edge as his nightmare came to life.
It was always that voice that found him, taking his hand and pulling him back before he fell. Reality c
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Silence Is Golden
Spoilers for "Deadlock".
It was an unspoken agreement, but one each had upheld rigidly. They would not, could not, confront the growing feelings between the two of them until the war was over.
And then the war was over. And they were back on Cybertron. Home.
They were all silent as they left one home to rebuild another. Awed and marveled and just a bit overwhelmed, the others began to wander away from the site of the Spacebridge that brought them back to their rejuvenated planet.
There were structures to rebuild, long-forgotten knowledge to relearn, and something they had long since given up on: Hope.
Arcee made to follow them, only to be stopped by a large, gentle hand reaching out for her shoulder. She looked up at Optimus, confused, then comprehending. He knelt down before her as a wry smile slid across her features.
Optimus rested his helm against Arcee's and held her close as she returned the embrace by gripping his robust arms with everything she had.
If the others took not
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What Is Your Sin?
It had long ago ceased its struggling. Blue Energon dripped from the battered body, pooling on the ground beneath. Exhaustion and pain had completely overwhelmed the pitiable, lājī of a prisoner, but defiance still glowed in its eyes.
It was time to snuff that out.
"You know, for an Autobot, your resilience is quite impressive." It was. The strongest man she knew would have succumbed by now, one way or another. The slumped body next to her captive was proof enough of that.
But then the Captain was gone, forgotten. "In fact, I'm guessing that no matter what I do to you, you'll never crack. Am I right?"
It wasn't defiance that pierced the darkness in answer.
It was hatred.
"That's what I thought."
And then it was fear.
"No, no, no, no!!"
"You're a smart Bot," she spat quietly, enjoying the moment. "I think you can imagine what happens to 'Tailgate' next."
"I don't know the attack coordinates!"
That was unsatisfactory.
"I swear upo
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Dialogue only.
"I...Lord Megatron."
"Airachnid. I wondered what had happened to your traitorous self."
"'Traitorous'? Unless stasis did something to my processors, you sent lackeys to try and kill me in an unprovoked attack!"
"You tried to usurp my command."
"I was acting in the best interests of the Decepticons. While you, I might add, were trying to raise the Chaos Bringer in an attempt to do...what, exactly?"
"Hold your tongue, Airachnid. There is very little preventing me from extinguishing your spark and ridding the cosmos of your filth once and for all."
"Big words from one who couldn't face me himself."
"Says the insect who sent a legion of assassins after me. A legion, I might add, that is now completely under my control."
"We shall see. But before then, I have a question. Lord Megatron."
"Only one?"
"For now."
"By all means. Ask."
"Why did you release me?"
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One, Two, Three, Four
Post-"Darkest Hour".
It was a feeling that had plagued her mind ever since they fled from the base.
As she took Jack and drove, unsure of anything anymore, it was there. She just had yet to realize it.
For the first few days, there was a pain of sorts, a melancholia that she kept hidden from her partner as they drove as far as she had the energy for. Arcee pushed the feeling away. This was no time to be distracted by despair, particularly when she had to keep it together in order to keep Jack from giving in to his own fears. The fear over his mother, the fear over his friends.
The fear over his entire existence as his planet was decimated.
They had a mission. Get as far away from base as they could. Then regroup. Fight another day. The final order of Optimus Prime.
It was undefinable, indescribable, when Arcee finally acknowledged the feeling. It was just that, a feeling. A vague construct in the depths of her mind and spark that she could not name or place. She did not, could not poss
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Flying Lies
For once in his life, he's silent. No time to open his gap and spew nonsense in the name of snark. They three need to get to the others, and quickly.
Quick as a Hawaii-printed flash, he's out of the seat and reaching for her hand when the glass shatters and spears pierce the pilot's seat where Wash had been sitting, not half a second before.
Of course, the idiot would try and take a second to gape at what could have been, but Zoe's having none of that. She knows better.
She drags him along, the first few meters after the Cap'n. Then they're running at the same pace, hand-in-hand, neither even flinching at the sound of more spears crashing through their home.
Zoe knows her orders, and will obey them to the letter. Hold the ground. Simple enough. They weren't Reavers, and she wasn't the first mate of a run-down, decrepit Firefly. She was a soldier, and they were the Alliance. The crates were her trench.
Wash proved himself with a gun the day that Niska almost took everything aw
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Sunrise, Sunset
The storage unit's door had been opened.  The figure in the doorway was masked by the dim lighting to one side and the near-darkness of the other.  Still, he could see- -her arms folded over as if she were clinging to herself, body language tense and unsure.  She did not respond to his gentle call, nor to the lumbering footsteps that heralded his presence.  He reached out as he moved closer, but before he could repeat himself, Arcee tore herself away from the unit and looked up at him with tired optics.
"It's been a long day," she said quietly, activating the door's closing.
Optimus let his arm fall to his side as he vented heavily.  "Yes."
Arcee's eyes turned downcast, and her grip on herself tightened for a brief moment before she, too, let her arms fall.
There was nothing to be said; nothing could be said.  In less than one day on this planet, everything had changed.  Whatever victories they had achieved when the day began were now
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What Does That Make Us?
Post-"Darkest Hour"
Jack knew this was it.
He would never see his mom again. Miko or Raf or the Autobots he grew to love just as much as his human friends. Hell, at this moment, he would give his last moments to say goodbye to Agent Fowler, if the man had survived.
His only solace was Arcee, and his heart broke to look up at her. The defeat, the loss, the knowledge of her failure to protect him was stricken over her face. Blasters were out and aimed, but even if she were at full-strength instead of her weakened state, she was outnumbered and outmatched by the twenty-some Decepticons who had tracked down their hiding place in the wooded cliffs.
But she tried. Oh God and Primus, did she try. She fought. She screamed. She dodged and kicked and fired and took fire. Never once did she break her position; never one did she let the enemy get near Jack. Until the last drop of Energon left her system, Arcee would protect Jack. His back was to the cliff face, unable to make a difference in this
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It was Arcee who laughed first.
A soft sound that quickly became wild as she shook against the leg of her fallen commander.
Then, Miko--by the railing, one hand over her mouth. The other held her cellphone.
When Ratchet was able to roll off Bumblebee, the young scout trilled with electronic chortling.
Annoyed Ratchet only huffed and stormed off, but Bulkhead--poor, dazed Bulkhead--emboldened by the lack of shouting, laughed nervously.  At first.
And as Optimus Prime picked himself off the floor and helped his blue comrade to her feet, he could not help but offer a smile.
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Familiar Places
"Where are the other Autobots?"
For every moment her spark still existed in the darkness, she thanked Primus. Megatron couldn't hurt her. So long as Jack was safe, hidden.
Megatron knew this too. Which is why he wasn't too surprised when the bound and hanging Autobot started to laugh, a terrible sound to hear even to her own ears.
"I survived Airachnid. And Shockwave. What makes you think I'll give in to you?"
But then, a worse sound as the one-armed tyrant joined in the laughter. A laughter that continued as the lab doors opened, and entered the one-eyed Decepticon.
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Bulkhead blamed Ratchet, in the short two seconds he had the sense to place blame.
Ratchet, of course, blamed Bulkhead. It may have been his equipment, but if Bulkhead hadn't been such a clumsy oaf....
Bumblebee didn't have the time to assign blame. He just felt panic as he was sent tumbling into Arcee, simultaneously trying to avoid her and and protect her from the carnage.
But, it was futile. Arcee was knocked backwards, straight into the back of Optimus's knees.
And, ultimately, the Autobot leader fell, crumbling to the ground as he was knocked off balance. He, at least, was able to twist before he hit the floor of the base, and therefore managed to avoid injuring his smaller comrade.
...Who now rested upon his thigh, completely bewildered to how she ended up there, with Bumblebee's arm around her abdomen as he whimpered from the pain of Ratchet nearly crushing his legs. The medic would have moved, had he himself not been in the process of being crushed by a dazed Bulkhead.
He was a
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Swiss Army Knife
The Doctor pulled on his companion's hand and they were running. Always running it seems, she thought ruefully. Not that she would have it any other way. They ran down the corridor, ducking and dodging from the laser fire coming from the enemies behind them.
"They're gaining!" she yelled as they ran into wall of elevators. The Doctor whipped out his sonic screwdriver and aimed it at the lifts. The screwdriver whirred, and then the lift sparked and whirred, and then the doors opened.
His companion looked him in annoyance. "Honestly, you couldn't have just pushed the button?" she asked.
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The Hunt
Spoilers for the Prime Season Two finale.  
Transformers Prime belongs to Hasbro.
The giant robot moved stealthily through the trees. It stuck to the shadows, but every once in a while, sunlight would escape the leaf canopy and reflect off blue and grey metal.  Weapons were undrawn, but the body was tense, as if expecting a struggle.
There.  The target was spotted.  Fifteen meters to the north, huddled at the base of a spruce.  The robot approached as quietly as she could, but as soon as metal feet hit the Earth, the bag of flesh darted off.
Abandoning all semblance of stealth, the robot lunged for it, trying to catch the prey before it made off.  Unfortunately, the prey was too quick, too small, and when the robot lifted her hands to gaze triumphant, the prey was not there.
Arcee rose to her feet, brushing the mud from her joints.  She looked around worriedly, not sure what to do next.  Arcee was an expert tracker, using her smaller siz
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Petty Bickering
BDxKO 150 words
"Yeah, she's kinda domineering and the extra arms are weird, but... I find myself intrigued by her."  If the soldier looked surprised at that, it wasn't because of what was said, but who said it.  Breakdown was a little surprised himself.  Was he really that petty?
Given that he felt a glimmer of satisfaction when he heard the spiteful growl and retreating pedes from a distance behind them, yes.  Yes he was.  It was Knock Out's own fault, after all, for making him so angry.
But later, after the Autobot raid, Breakdown is feeling guilty, so he seeks out the medic who made him so cross. And there he is, hunched over his lab equipment, analyzing a sample of some violently green substance.
The red Decepticon turns when the medbay doors open. Their eyes meet.  Knock Out opens his mouth to speak, his voice overlapping with Breakdown's own.
"I'm sorry."
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Bats in the Pantry
Cassandra woke up with a groan, which was fine with her, since in her dream she had been screaming.
She rolled over and stared at the clock radio by her bed.  The green numbers of 4:34 A were just barely readable to her bleary eyes.  She flopped back with an aggravated growl, blinking furiously up at the ceiling.  When her mind was clear and she had the feeling back in her right arm, she sat up and yawned.  Without even bothering to put on socks, she quietly slipped out of her room.
And that's how Bruce Wayne found the young woman, sockless and pajama-clad, eating a bowl of cereal in the kitchen.   He leaned against the doorframe, waiting for her to notice him.  Which took all of four seconds.  
"Cassandra?"  Bruce asked after she had glanced up at him before returning to her bowl.  "Your patrol ended hours ago.  What are you doing up?"
"What are you doing up?" she countered.
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Superman/Power Girl, Batman/Batgirl switcheroo by Nick-Perks Superman/Power Girl, Batman/Batgirl switcheroo :iconnick-perks:Nick-Perks 73 13 IDW Dark Cybertron Arcee Design by markerguru IDW Dark Cybertron Arcee Design :iconmarkerguru:markerguru 297 25
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Find whatever it is that is your treasure.
Bury it alive.

I wrestled the guardian angel for my birthstone,
just a pearl like some full moon risen from a mollusk's growing pain.
I counted the sheets of nacre like birthday candles,
peeled away each one until I at last remembered
that what I treasure is an infection.
It was a gentle kind of wrestling,
not Biblical, not even assertive,
more like the way two sprite wolf cubs play,
a light lunge, a jovial snarl,
a fight over nothing in particular.
The guardian angel renounced itself
as a guardian angel, said
I am a siren.
I lie in the tunnels of nautilus shells
and sing until I collapse with the echoes.
Then it hurts, like a shard of the wrong song
embedded in my skin.
It never healed the ache of adolescence,
just buried it under a fall wound's nacre.
Said one day, it'd show up in my smile.
On the day of the dewinging:
bury me alive.
I want to see what I can agitate the earth into.
:iconsolaces:Solaces 134 36
Totoro - That Awkward Moment When... by goodgirl-arcee Totoro - That Awkward Moment When... :icongoodgirl-arcee:goodgirl-arcee 52 10


So CuddlyLittlePerson cuddlylittlepurrrson.deviantar… tagged me ages ago, and for someone reason I'm only now just taking notice.

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 10 people.
Uh, let's see.  Five things.

1.  I have trouble thinking about things about myself when asked.
2.  When I'm ridiculously hungry, I'm told I act like I'm on amphetamines.
3.  When I'm ridiculously tired, I'm told I act like I'm drunk.
4.  I have never experienced either of the above states, so I have only the words of people around me of how I act.
5.  I'm allergic to something in chocolate.  Number 3 also happens when I ingest it, along with an agonizing migraine and hives.

1. What's your favorite thing to draw?
Stick figures.  They're the only thing I CAN draw.

2. If you could wish for and get any one thing RIGHT NOW, what would you choose?
The ability to decide on things in the moment.

3. What was your favorite pet? Or if you didn't have a favorite pet, what was your worst experience with any animal? want me to choose between my babies?  YOU MONSTER!

4. What was your first job? (Babysitting or house-sitting counts if you were paid)
House-sitting for my grandmother.

5. Toe-MAY-toe or toe-MAH-toe?
Tah-may-der.  I'm from Indiana. 

(Just kidding.  "Toe-MAY-toe".  Only Southern Indiana says "tah-may-der".)

(Actually, I'm not kidding all that much.  I *do* say "tah-may-der" if I'm not careful.)

6. Your favorite childhood cartoon versus your favorite show now?
It's inverted.  Growing up, I was all about the Star Trek.  Now that I'm an adult, I'm all about the Transformers.

7. Your waiter comes up and asks what you'd like to drink. You order...?
Water.  Weight-induced diabetes runs in my family, so I'm trying to eliminate excessive sugar.

8. Do you read any DA written art pieces? Be truthful now.
Oh yeah.

9. Name a song you'd be willing to listen to all day long.
Carolina Chocolate Drops' "Leaving Eden".

10. What's a name, real or fantasy/sci-fi, that you've always liked?
Well, I named one of my cats Nerys, after Kira Nerys from DS9. :kitty:

Tagging Ten People

Oh.  That's why I resisted doing this.  I don't think I know ten people who would appreciate being tagged.  (Also, I've been on this site for years and I have no idea how to tag icons.)


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